Pipe and steam pipe construction

Mechtop AG stands for excellent craftsmanship as well as exemplary engineering. This is a decisive advantage when it comes to pipelines and complex pipe distribution systems. Because both are needed equally.

Perfectly welded pipes and cleverly planned distribution systems are essential for the productivity of industrial plants. That's why Mechtop AG plans and executes them with special care. For new buildings and refurbishments of manufacturing or industrial plants, for example in the food, paper, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The pipe and steam pipe professionals at Mechtop AG create the isometric drawings directly at your site, 3D plans and R&I diagrams are created on based of this information. This gives you the solution that meets your needs 100%. And to ensure that every pipe fits with millimeter precision later on, the pipes are produced exclusively by trained and SVTI-certified specialists in the stainless in-house metal workshop of the Mechtop AG in Wangen near Olten. There you can find a first-class collaring machine, an orbital welding machine and equipment for all common welding methods.