Metal and steel construction

Every move is important, because high quality is created in the details. Under this motto, the Mechtop AG specialists produce top-quality platforms, railings, staircases and elaborate steel constructions.

First quality is guaranteed by the SVTI quality seal according to DIN EN287 and the strict internal quality guidelines. Always. To achieve this, Mechtop AG manages the black steel metalworking shop and the stainless metalworking shop as strictly separate areas - and consistently relies on qualified specialists. All work is done with top-maintained TIG, MIG, MAG, electrode and orbital welding systems.

And always there: with you: The extra portion of heart and soul. No matter whether it's the adaptation of existing metal or steel constructions or 100% individual solutions. Just ask us.

«Our machines are always up to date. After all, first-class results demand first-class tools. After all, it should also give us satisfaction.»
Stefan BieliWorkshop manager